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Revision History



Revision History of the Units Conversion Tool

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Change History:

Version Date          Description
Tablet Kindle 2016.08.09 Tue
  • stand alone version
  • addition of Amazon IAP 2.0
  • dynamic chart select
  • inclusion of academic charts
Tablet 2013.06.26 Wed
  • resolved duplicate page reads $(document).ready()
  • addition of real time diagnostics
  • started code section optimizations
  • inclusion of childrens versions
AppEngine 2013.04.20 Sat
  • addition of the Google Language Translation element
  • addition of category data volume
  • addition of future release date - filtered search
  • Navigation buttons to select about help and contact us
  • deployement test at Google AppEngine
Tablet 2013.04.03 Wed
  • initial test of filtered search
  • addition of category data acceleration
  • deployement test on Android devices
Tablet 2013.03.10 Sun
  • addition of automation timer
  • cleanup of jQueryMobile popup calculator
  • deployemnt test at Google AppEngine
Tablet 2013.01.26 Sat
  • addition of filtered unit search
  • initial multi-calculation proof of concept
  • deployemnt test at Google AppEngine
Design 2013.01.14 Mon
  • formal coding started
Google AppEngine 2013.01.13 Sun
  • deployment test for tablet specific devices
  • refactoring to accomodate json data payload
  • initial design mods proving jQuery namespace
  • insight into web service solution using Google Go language
Preliminary Design 2013.01.05 Sat
  • some initial G.D.I. concepts using jQuery plugins tested
  • proof of concept demo
  • initial deployment and web test
KineticJS 2013.01.02 Wed
  • discovered KineticJS 4.3.1 drawing library
  • many simple demo javascript coding examples
jQueryMobile 2013.01.01 Tue
  • initial implementation of jquery mobile latest release 1.2.0 posted October 2, 2012
  • simple test html and javascript coding started
Concept 2012 Winter
  • based on author's original wince app concept circa mid 90's
  • coding guidelines and practices adopted
  • decision to build dynamic updating using Ajax
  • decision to build web services using c#
  • some initial coding started



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